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What is a letter of resignation?
If you want to resign, you must write a resignation letter. Because there are several reasons why you resign, the tone of your letter of resignation can be very different. Sometimes you stop your current job because you have had a fight or because you just do not like it. But sometimes you leave your current job while you have had a fantastic time, but because there were no career opportunities for example.

A dismissal letter is usually a short letter. In this you indicate that you want to resign. Because a letter of resignation must be legally valid, you must include a number of necessary details in the letter. Read step by step how to write a correct dismissal letter. View the dismissal letter example and write one yourself when needed.

Write letter of resignation? View the dismissal letter example!
Because you want to terminate a legal agreement, your letter of termination must be legally valid. Write your resignation letter on the basis of the following steps. That way you can be sure that your letter of termination is valid. In addition, view the example letter for a moment.

Step 1: Addressing
Start at the top left of the letter with your own name and address details. Make sure that your full name, including initials, is mentioned here. This is one of the mandatory parts to make your letter of resignation legally valid.
Enter a blank after entering your own name and address details. After this you type the name of the company and the complete address details. This too is part of the legal validity.

Step 2: Place and date
After the addressing you add two white lines. You then record the place of writing. This is followed by a comma, after which the date of writing follows. This date is also important. By means of this date you indicate that you respect the notice period. How long the notice period lasts can in most cases be found in the CAO.

Step 3: Regards rule
After the place and date you give a blank. This is followed by the rule concerned. In this rule you briefly state the subject of the letter of resignation. In the discharge letter example you can see how you put this in a correct and correct way. Begin the rule with ‘Subject:’. After the colon you start the sentence with a lowercase letter.

Step 4: Salutation
Address the letter to the right person

Step 5: Introduction
In the first paragraph you must clearly state that you terminate the employment contract. You must indicate the date per when you cancel the agreement. Keep in mind the notice period. Both are important for the letter to be valid.

Step 6: Center piece
Indicate in the middle section what will happen to the current business. You can also indicate in the middle of your dismissal that you still have holidays open. Here you can indicate that you still want to include it before your dismissal date.

Step 7: Lock
When you resign and you have enjoyed working with the company, you can make the letter of resignation more personal. It is possible that you will meet your old employer again. Or maybe you want to ask him once again for a favor. Make your letter personal and show that you are the best with the company. How do you do this? View the dismissal letter example.
You can also ask for a certificate.

Do you resign because of a conflict or other unpleasant events? Keep the discharge letter as short and neutral as possible. Inform the employer only about your dismissal. Do not respond to conflicts etc. You can ask for confirmation of this letter.
Tip: if you are boarding due to conflicts, it is advisable to send the resignation letter by registered post.

Step 8: Closing
Close the resignation letter with ‘Yours sincerely,’ or ‘Sincerely,’. Followed by a white line and you end with your full name and possibly signature.

Are you going to write a letter of resignation? Take a look at the sample letter below.

Dismissal letter example

Daphne van Doorn
Brugstraat 21
1198 KL Groningen

De Rooij Accountants
T.a.v. Mrs. J. van Beek
Groenstraat 55a
5678 PG Rotterdam

Rotterdam, 12 June 2011

Subject: request for dismissal

Dear Mrs Van Beek,

I worked with great pleasure at De Rooij Accountants. I have gained a lot of experience and developed many new skills. Unfortunately, De Rooij Accountants does not have any career opportunities for me. That is why I have now accepted another job where I have these growth opportunities. I therefore request that you grant me resignation as of 1 August 2011.

Naturally, I make sure that the current projects are well documented. This way my successor can take over my work without problems. If there are any questions or ambiguities in the future, I am always willing to answer questions. I still have 15 days off, which I would like to prepare for my departure. I hope you have no objection to this.

I thank you for the pleasant time I had at De Rooij Accountants. I appreciate the experience I have gained at your company and keep the pleasant memories of working with colleagues. I wish De Rooij Accountants good luck and prosperity.


Daphne van Doorn

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